5 Ways Of How To Promote Your Website

Creating your website is the first stage of website promotion. After all, you can’t do any promotion without a site. Here are 5 ways to promote your website that work.

1. Create a video

YouTube is one of the biggest sites on the internet and is the natural place to put up a promotional video linking back to your website. It also often features in the regular Google results, giving you an extra promotional boost.

You don’t need to create the site yourself – you can use sites like Fiverr to get an acceptable video done quickly and cheaply which you then upload to your TouTube account.

2. Tweet about your site

Twitter is a great way to get other people to know your site exists. Tweets are short and to the point but that doesn’t mean you can’t include a good headline that then directs back to your site for more information. Subscribe to a service like Google News to keep abreast of things that you could potentially talk about.

3. Blog on your site

A blog is a bit like an online diary. If you haven’t got a blog section on your site then talk to your techie and get one added. Then make a point of adding a new entry on a regular basis (there’s nothing worse than a blog that has been neglected and is gathering digital dust out of sheer boredom). Aim to write an interesting blog article once a week or – even better – once a day. The built-in ping noticications with blogs automatically help keep your site promoted to the search engines.

4. Write useful tip lists

Lists are simple ways of promoting your website. This simple list of a handful of tips was easy to create, is useful to potential website visitors and stands a chance of getting reprinted elsewhere on the internet. This kind of syndication happens all the time (and isn’t classed as duplicate content because it’s not all shown on the same site).

If you’re not handy at writing, enlist the help of someone who is or get a member of staff to help you. The writing style doesn’t have to satisfy your old school English teacher – it can be chatty and informative, so write as you speak (minus the umms and errs of course). Add in some pictures to keep the visual appeal of your blog looking interesting.

5. Show off your website elsewhere

Nowadays it’s quite normal for shops to have their website emblazoned on their front window or the sign board above the door. Add your website onto your receipts, business cards and anywhere else that potential customers can see it. This is easy to do and gets word out about your site outside just the internet.

You could consider offering some kind of prize draw as an incentive for people to visit your site and let you have their name and email address – the prize could be a simple money off coupon or something more valuable – use your imagination!

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